Since our establishment in (2012), Eastside Kitchen and Bath has been a trusted source for kitchen, bathroom, and full home remodels in the greater Seattle area. Recognized for our outstanding customer service, we strive to exceed your expectations from the first call until long after your project ends. Here at our local, family run business, our welcoming and creative team works to deliver the highest quality remodel, whether you’re looking for a personalized contemporary kitchen or a custom traditional bathroom. We understand the importance of your environment and are here to make your residential dreams come true!

Drew Bauer

Founder & CEO

As the founder and CEO of Eastside Kitchen and Bath, Drew is a passionate and vision-oriented leader. Since his earliest memories, Drew has been working in the field of construction, providing him with an extensive history of experience. Drew finds joy in building people up and guiding those around him. Outside of work, he loves to golf, boat, travel, drive, and watch sports. In another life, Drew dreams of being a sportsman, as he’s always the one to anticipate exactly what the sportscaster is about to say.

Kayleigh Bauer


With 5 years of related experience in the construction industry, Kayleigh handles the billing and ordering side of the business. Kayleigh is driven by honesty and compassion and enjoys providing service to those around her. Kayleigh is a loving wife and mother to her daughter and German shepherd, and loves to read, travel, and practice pilates in her spare time.

Zach Freimark

General Manager

Zach is our accomplished general manager. Born into a construction family, Zach has spent his career dedicating himself to mastering his craft. He has worked in various trades involving roofing, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing. His involvement in many different industries, including aerospace, marine, residential, and commercial make him a well versed manager. For the past decade, Zach has been focused on residential remodeling, with a portfolio filled with hundreds of successful projects. He loves a challenge and values integrity, honesty, creativity, and work ethic. Outside of work, Zach prioritizes family time and loves to hunt, compete in national CrossFit competitions, travel, cook, golf, road trip, and fish in the great outdoors.

Kody Argento


Kody handles all things sales and works as an estimator for our company. With over five combined years in the residential construction industry, Kody is a dependable, helpful, and passionate worker. For fun, Kody appreciates spending time with family, being active, playing and producing music, playing Apex Legends with EagerElder and watching football.

Brindon Henning

Project Planner

With over 9 years of experience in the field as a project manager, Brindon is a seasoned project planner here at Eastside Kitchen & Bath. Brindon is recognized for his honesty and ability to ensure a quality remodel for each and every client. Outside of work, Brindon enjoys all things outdoors. You can find him camping, fishing, spending quality time with his dog, and attending live music performances.

Brandon Riem


Brandon is an award winning kitchen and bath designer whose expertise has been passionately crafted over the past 8 years. Brandon is known for his ability to notice both the big and minute details and to appreciate the extra touches. According to Brandon, building relationships is the key to success! Balance, discipline, and purpose motivate him in all aspects of life. Aside from work, Brandon enjoys time spent with family and friends and working towards his fitness and life goals. He considers himself a huge “foodie” and loves to try new restaurants and discover unique foods and cuisines.

Kerry McClelland

Project Manager

Having over 30 years of experience in remodeling and construction, Kerry is a project manager that has seen it all. One to always strive to be the best, Kerry produces quality work fueled by integrity. Golfing, fishing, boating, and relaxing are among his favorite hobbies, in addition to woodworking, refinishing, and gardening.

Alex Gray

Project Manager

As a valued employee of Eastside Kitchen & Bath for the past 8 years, Alex is a highly experienced and motivated project manager. During his time with us, Alex has worked on hundreds of successful remodeling projects, bringing great satisfaction to many families. Alex values integrity and enjoys hiking, fishing, weight lifting, traveling and meeting new people.

Austin Carter

Project Manager

Austin is a project manager who has spent years of his life successfully building custom homes. As a team leader, much of Austin’s time has also been devoted to mill work, finish carpentry, and overseeing high end remodeling projects. Austin strives to provide for his family, progress in his craft, and grow in both his personal and professional life. For fun, Austin admires woodworking, golfing, getting together with friends, playing board or yard games, and anything in the sunshine!

Neri Ibanez

Project Manager

Neri is a project manager who always puts his best efforts forward and continuously yearns to learn more. Neri has experience with carpentry, installation, framing, repairing, and painting, making him a well-versed employee. In his free time, Neri finds joy in spending time with his loved ones, swimming, hiking, working out, and roadtripping.


Project Manager

Vannak is an accountable and consistent project manager, with over 18 years of experience in the field. Driven by honesty, perfection, and the will to do and complete, Vannak is a highly valued team member. Spending time outdoors, hiking, fishing, playing basketball, and barbecuing with his family and puppies bring great joy to Vannak outside of work.

Bart Talley

Construction Laborer/Delivery Driver

Bart Talley is a hard working and friendly family man who serves not only as our construction laborer, but delivery driver as well. Bart spent a dedicated 15 years working as an engine mechanic for the United States Navy, 10 years as a Kingston Lumber forklift driver and load builder, and 8 years as a MT on numerous aircrafts prior to settling down with our company. Doing the job right the first time is what Bart lives by, recognizing that customers’ time is precious. In his free time, Bart loves to boat, catch up with friends and relatives, work on his truck, build models and fly gas powered airplanes, and travel.

Nakye Pennington

Project Manager-In-Training

Soon to be certified in project management through Colorado State University, Nayke is a project manager-in-training who continuously seeks to expand his knowledge. Having spent numerous years in school for welding and metal fabrication, Nakye has the unique ability to adapt to whatever work he is presented with. As a well-educated, ambitious student and employee, Nakye continuously works to not only better himself, but those around him. Outside of the office, Nakye loves to kick back and relax with his family and friends. His hobbies include camping, hiking, cooking, metal art projects, and various sports.

Kirkland Kitchen & Bath Contractor

With over 15 years experience and real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for any kitchen or bathroom remodel.

We provide a professional service for residential customers looking for an update or a complete remodel to their kitchen or bath.

About our owners

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, our founder and CEO Drew Bauer leads our dedicated and passionate team. Having spent his childhood on his father’s job sites, Drew developed a very strong appreciation for quality workmanship and a desire to help others. As a loving husband and father to his daughter and pet German Shepherd, Drew values working hard and celebrating accomplishments. Whatever your vision, Drew strives to ensure all our valued clients have a positive experience with Eastside Kitchen & Bath.

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