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If you’ve ever watched a home search or remodeling TV show, you’ve probably noticed one item that is regularly at the top of “must have” lists. That’s right… we’re talking about the open concept kitchen.

Trends come and go, but few styles have maintained their popularity like the open concept kitchen. In an open concept kitchen, there are no barriers or walls to the adjacent rooms. Typically, that includes the kitchen, living room, and dining area all sharing one large open space.

An open concept kitchen design creates an inviting space for both everyday living and entertaining, but is it right for you and your lifestyle? Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons to help you decide.

Easier entertaining:

If you enjoy having guests over often, an open concept kitchen is definitely worth considering. Everyone can easily move around and interact with each other in one open and inviting space. You also won’t feel like you’re missing out on the party while taking care of your host or hostess duties!

Multi-functional gathering area:

Although you may lose some wall cabinet space in an open concept kitchen, open layouts are perfect for big islands. Kitchen islands have numerous benefits including extra prep and counter space, added storage, and serve as great food and drink stations for parties. Additionally, islands provide extra seating and are a natural gathering place for family and friends.

Optimal visibility:

If you have younger children, you know how important it is to keep an eye on them (All. The. Time). An open concept kitchen makes this sometimes impossible task a little easier. Prepare meals, do dishes, or simply give yourself a little break while still being able to see and hear what’s happening in the next room.

A light, airy feel:

Did you know natural light is linked to optimism, energy, and productivity? By eliminating walls in an open concept kitchen, your house will instantly have a lighter, brighter ambiance. If you have a smaller home, the open floor plan in combination with the abundance of light can really make your home appear larger!


Although there are many benefits to the open concept kitchen, it’s not the right fit for everyone. Some considerations to keep in mind:

The mess:

Are you uncomfortable with guests seeing yesterday’s dirty dishes still soaking in the sink? Or perhaps the clean-as-you-go method while cooking just isn’t your style? Since there are no walls in an open concept kitchen, you may feel the mess is always on display.

Less privacy:

Do you value alone time and quiet? By removing barriers in the central living areas, the feeling of not getting enough privacy or personal space is possible. Noise can also carry easier in an open concept layout.

If an open concept kitchen sounds like something that would fit your lifestyle, let us help!

Contact Eastside Kitchen & Bath today for your free estimate. We’d love to make your kitchen dreams come true!

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